Welcome to Yves’ Bistro

Yves’ Bistro – A French restaurant in Alexandria, VA, across the street from the Eisenhower Metro, from the founder of Au Pied de Cochon
Reservations are highly recommended on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Reserve at: (703) 329-1010.

Chef Vatche’s current features

  • Spicy Lamb and Vegetable Bolognaise with Linguini Pasta
  • Local Prime Shad Roe sauté “Amandine’s”
  • Beef à la Bourguignonne with Penne Pasta
  • Alsatian Knockwurst Sausages served with Braised Red Cabbage & Pomme Frites.

The Washington Post reminisces about Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon, back in the day, full of copper pans and cigarette smoke. (James Thresher/Washington Post)

Au Pied de Cochon, back in the day, full of copper pans and cigarette smoke. (James Thresher/Washington Post)

On October 18th, the Washington Post published a review of places lost to DC history, which included a lovely write up of Yves Courbois’ legendary Georgetown legacy, Au Pied de Cochon.

Au Pied de Cochon in Georgetown provided the perfect place to just hang: It was a 24-hour joint that served unlimited fries and bottomless coffee for about $5. My friends and I spent countless afternoons chatting with the multilingual waitresses, smoking cigarettes and coming up with dumb games to see who got to sit in the seat where Russian spy Vitaly Yurchenko ate immediately before slipping through the fingers of the CIA. The small plaque on the seat is still there, but only one of the employees working recently at what has become a Five Guys knew the story. Though it closed in 2004, Au Pied was still garnering tributes five years later. “Georgetown is a lesser place for not [having] Au Pied any more,” Derryk A. from Silver Spring wrote on the restaurant’s defunct Yelp page. “The food was so-so, but that didn’t matter. What matter[ed] was the history of that place. All of those b/w photos on the walls, the hanging copper ware, the large wine and champagne bottles on the shelves … The drunken fool trying to dance on the dining table. The winos hanging around outside, the beautiful party girl passed out on the floor, the never ending chain smokers, the long bar that always had some eccentric person seated down at the end.” Sadly, it’s just another sterile burger joint now.

Zagat rates Yves’ Bistro highly for 2013

For a “warm”, “down-to-earth” French dining experience, this “charming” peach-colored bistro/cafe in Old Town (across from the Eisenhower Avenue Metro stop and AMC cinema) has connoisseurs raving about its “excellent” “home-cooked” provincial fare; it’s an “outstanding value” for the “quality”, from breakfast through dinner, and the “friendly” owner “seems to be working at all times.”